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History - Muir Innovations has been in the business of innovation and intangible asset management since 1984 . We at Muir Innovations are proud to have created the world's first innovation box patent in 1987.

Innovation thought leadership – Muir Innovations have become a recognised global thought leader in innovation . It has been our privilege to work with leading innovators on major projects worldwide.

Frascati Manual - This manual sets forth the methodology for collecting statistics about research and development. It was prepared and published by the OECD. We have assembled a team of innovation experts from many diverse fields who specialise in innovation discovery as defined by the Frascati manual.

OECD/ BEPS Modified Nexus - In recent years Muir has focused on the Global Fair Trade Strategy of the OECD / BEPS Modified Nexus.

Government Partnerships - We work very closely with government policy makers and together , we identify innovation leaders who may benefit from significant innovation incentives.

Science behind Innovation – We focus on the science of innovation discovery , measurement , and real time track and trace of innovation efforts .

Future Proofing - Muir is working with the leading innovators at Board and CXO level of significant public and private companies . We work together towards an innovative future.

Growth and Sustainability - We have helped our clients to access the significant sums of money provided by innovation incentive schemes . This has helped to fund the subsequent growth and sustainability of these organisations.

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