Technology Advancement - Our Labs strive to keep pace with today's rapid rate of technological advancement. We apply these technologies in new ways to solve real world problems.

Expertise - We at labs have accumulated significant technological knowledge over time. We combine this knowledge with an open minded approach to problem solving which incorporates our core competencies of applied research, crowd innovation and redesign. We have leveraged our institutional knowledge of technology and have applied it to the emerging industry of Augmented intelligence.

Case In Point - - As an example, we have developed new Particle Therapy technologies which will offer patients an affordable alternative to radiotherapy in the fight against cancer. The innovations we are introducing to technology surrounding the prohibitively expensive Proton beam Therapy will reduce the cost of this effective treatment by an order of magnitude and bring it into more general use. Both radiotherapy and Proton Beam Therapy have existed for a long time, One hundred years and sixty years respectively. Proton Beam Therapy units have up until now been very large installations and very costly primarily because of their size. Muir labs' disruptive technology will change that.

Rising to the Challenge - Muir Labs have taken on this challenge and we have spun off our first core technology, the "Titan Platform" into Managed Beam Service.

Adding Value - At Muir Labs, We manage both our own innovation and our partners innovation. This creates intangible assets and adds value for our clients. As a spin out of this work , Muir Innovations (Innovation Partners) was formed to help our partners evolve innovation roadmaps to secure Innovation Funding.

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